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Evolved advertising barter

The exchange of goods, or barter transactions, is increasingly becoming a part of investments in advertising.

It is estimated that, in 2014, over 700 MILLION EURO in advertising revenues have been invested with the barter formula. The reason is simple: the typical sales support function found in advertising channels is added to the simultaneous payment in goods that, resulting in an immediate increase in sales, maximizes the effects.

The mechanism is equally simple: those who invest in advertising pay with their own products, which can then be directly used by the buyer (internal use of bartered goods), or resold on the market to be monetized.

MEDIABARTER represents the most important evolution in the context of “barter advertising”. In addition to payment for goods, one accepts payment in “COUPONS FOR GOODS”, or even through the allocation of “unpaid debts”, from one’s own clients.

media barter

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